Cost for updating electrical system

Piggy backing the connection with copper rather than full re wire would - should be way less expensive and effective for a home with alum. 1952 vintage house had 2 wire system - electrician did the remodel in accordance with local code, plugs at least every 10 feet, and installed all new light fixtures and ceiling fans (I bought for 1,500) - only 5 sheetrock holes and didn't make a big mess. House fire damaged small part of house but insurance contract allowed for "rewiring residential structure with copper wire and conduit and gave the entire square footage of the house.Experienced guys already know about how long it will take them to complete it, and they charge in proportion to that.This guy was extremely slow because he doesn't normally re-wire homes.He also kept all the materials (romex and outlet boxes) we paid for, even though he only used half of them.Beware of a contractor who bids your project based on hourly charges, rather than by the job.

Came 86 mile to rewire my older home it is 900 sq ft they done a really great and professional job I will use them again for all my electrical needs there price beat everyone around by more then 00I had my knob and tube wiring removed from a 672 SF home, brought to current day standards (romex).

Installed three smoke detectors which run off of the electric instead of battery operated. There was some drywall to be patched afterward which cost 0 and was done with a different contractor. Snyone have an idea of cost on this method for a 2000 sq ft average home????


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