Cosmogenic isotope dating


The Late Pliocene Kieseloolite Formation was dated to 3650 ± 1490 ka and the Early Pleistocene Waalre Formation to 900 ± 280 ka.The unconformably overlying Upper Terrace Formation revealed ages of 740 ± 210 ka and 750 ± 250 ka for the two different sites.However, the latter age is more consistent with the same minimum deglaciation ages and geochronological evidence for ice-free conditions in parts of the northern sector of the Irish Sea.

Our results indicate that using shallower buried samples would enable a considerably more robust estimation of the burial age and the terrace erosion rate.

Uncertainties arose mainly from nuclide measurements, and not from the uncertainties derived from modelling or insufficient knowledge of nuclide production and decay properties.► Cosmogenic burial dating applied to Plio–Pleistocene fluvial sediments.


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