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As the Battle of Britain was drawing to a close, Corbin’s CO, Squadron Leader Athol Forbes, decided that 10 of his pilots should record their impressions of the great air battle while memories were fresh.He chose a cross-section of officers and sergeants from different backgrounds and with different experiences – Corbin was one of them.For distances to cities around the world, enter a ICAO location code from the selector below.Corbin arrived on No 66 Squadron as it moved south to Surrey in late August 1940, as the Battle was reaching its climax.During a strafing attack against an airfield on the Brest Peninsula, Corbin and his leader damaged a number of aircraft on the ground.In June 1941 he attacked a Heinkel bomber which was returning from an attack on Liverpool and probably destroyed it; a month later he shot down a Messerschmitt Bf 109 while escorting a force of Blenheim bombers over the Dutch coast.Because he had so little experience, he was dispatched by his CO to the north of England for a few weeks’ extra training before returning to No 66, which had moved to Gravesend.During the final month of the Battle, Corbin was in action over his native Kent.


Corbin’s Spitfire was hit by anti-aircraft fire and damaged over Calais, but he managed to return safely to base.

After a year of almost continuous operations, he was rested and became an instructor at a fighter training unit.

In between flying on operations, the 10 scribbled down their thoughts.

Corbin contributed the third chapter of their classic book Ten Fighter Boys, which was published by Collins in 1942 – and by which time five had perished. In 2007 Corbin decided to complete his story, publishing his own book, Last of the Ten Fighter Boys.

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