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The meeting discussed the Churches' missionary and theological work requirement and is formulating a common declaration.

In the opening speech, the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch H. Ignatius Zakka I emphasised the importance of joint meetings of Oriental Orthodox and Catholic Churches, which are very close in matters of faith, to improve and expand bilateral relations, especially in light of the increased terrorism in the name of religion and secularism seen today.

Source: The New York Times Damascus: The fifth theological dialogue meeting of the International Joint Commission of Oriental Orthodox and Catholic Churches started at the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate in Damascus, Syria.

The Churches, which was separated in the 5th Century, formed this dialogue commission in 2003.

He was still in his religious garments so we believe they followed him from the market to his house and killed him.

Mourners said that though Father Youssef appeared to have been singled out because of his distinctive black robes, many of the threats and attacks were by criminal gangs demanding money under the pretext of being Islamic fundamentalists.The representatives from Catholic Church, Syrian Orthodox Church including the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church, Coptic Orthodox Church, Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Armenian Orthodox Church took part in this year's meeting.


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