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Some customers will not have any loads for 6 months or a year and then re-contact you.Others will fall through for other reasons, so it’s important that you continually seek and pursue new prospects.articles featuring the company and/or executives, recent awards or recognitions, and company locations).You begin by calling the company’s sales department.Sales Intelligence refers to technologies and practices for collection of information to help sales people keep up to date with clients and prospects.

When it comes to freight brokers contacting new prospects and building a new relationship, it may seem daunting if not overwhelming. How often should you be in touch with a new prospect?How do you know if you are making the right choices moving forward or setting yourself up for failure?time and meanwhile, many prospects (and opportunities) have been lost in the learning process.Salespeople are great individuals to talk to when you want to know everything about a company and where it’s going.

Below are some ways that can help freight brokers new to the industry save on time and effort and propel them quicker towards success.

As for the more seasoned freight broker, these tips can serve as a refresher to help improve their game…and overall results! FACT - You WILL lose business for one reason or another.


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    Still, not all of Ryan's peers have gone on to make it in the industry.

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