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His thoughts and actions do not follow any pattern of rationality. But this plot lacks some sanity to stitch it together. I felt like I was driving a 4wd Jeep in reverse through deep crisscrossing ruts.I would suggest you check this one out also as it follows in that same southern vein of insanity. It won the Pulizer Prize and has received much accolade by professional reviewers.

Filled with satirical black humor concerning the usually overlooked 'characters' of society, John Kennedy Toole's Pulitzer prize winning novel THE CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES , captures a reality of our society that we like to disregard.In THE CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES the unique tempo and the slow pace of the overall development of the plot creates a feel of dreary, everyday life, while the immediate happenings tend to be absurd, ridiculous, or down right stupid.Knowing of a failure is the best way to start fixing what ever it is that is failing.If you feel in any way revolted by anything in this novel, understand that it is real, then think of how you can change things for the better.

What is the point of putting such a complete 'character' in the main role?When this combined with the earlier idea of the book paralleling with life, one sees that Toole is saying that these people, this society, maybe not in this extent, but still does actually exist.


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