Compatible new york dating

Love Digits is an alternative service that integrates ancient astrology into current online dating trends to help two individuals better understand their compatibility, without relying on the standard matching processes now used by many online dating platforms.

To find out more about this unique service, we spoke to long-term astrology enthusiast and Love Digits CEO, Nirja Mahenthiran, During the interview, Mahenthiran explains the advantages of using Love Digits over other compatibility services, and how they plan to grow the app over the coming months.

We have harnessed several forms of tried and tested Indian and Chinese astrology in a modern love compatibility tool.

It’s a way for singles trying to stay afloat in the dating world to discern who they’re compatible with and make informed decisions when it comes to selecting partners.

The upgrade also includes a recommendations section for those users who haven’t found “the one” and are in need of a little nudge in the right direction.


Dating in New York was an interesting experience to say the least.

There are many dating apps on the market that help people meet, however narrowing the search to people that were compatible was hard and very time consuming.


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