Cmt dating reality show

His CMT show will feature a range of characters such as Skippy, the lovable yet annoying nerd who oversteps boundaries; Mumbles, who has an unintelligible accent; and fan-favorite Teste, Ed’s first alter-ego.

The half-hour show also promises surprise celebrity guests.

I even asked people who were born and raised here and they say it's something done out in the "Hick/Redneck" part. I love living here but this series paints the town unfairly.

Originally, CMT had planned to debut “The Ed Bassmaster Show” last year, after teasing the show at its 2015 upfront presentation.

According to a rep for the Viacom-owned cabler, there was a “slight delay in shooting the episodes”; then the decision was made to hold it to pair it with “Dude Perfect.” Ed Bassmaster (born Edwin Rodriguez) has racked up 2 million subscribers on his You Tube channel and 523 million video views to date.


“There’s so many different avenues to get your music out, and build your brand.I look at someone like Dolly Parton, who is the perfect example of someone who didn’t just limit herself to one thing. , will show audiences what it’s really like being a country star, but it will also give a glimpse into her day-to-day home life with husband Kyle Jacobs, a songwriter in country music. We have to have it cleared and approved to shoot there, so we always have to have an idea of what we’re doing, and where we’re shooting, of course, but then we just roll with it. We’re not saving the world.” The show is part of Pickler’s endeavor to branch out into other areas of art and entrepreneurial ventures, not unlike her appearance on the 2013 season of , from which she took home the gold.Pickler says the show — airing on CMT — is “soft-scripted,” meaning there is a basic framework for the activities and experiences they film, but the interactions within are real. “I think today it’s all about building your brand,” Pickler explains.


You Tube-famous comedian Ed Bassmaster is coming to cable in his first TV show — after a yearlong hold-up.CMT announced that “The Ed Bassmaster Show” will round out the network’s new Thursday primetime lineup, and it’s slated to premiere Thursday, April 14, at 10 p.m. That will follow another You Tube pickup, “The Dude Perfect Show,” an unscripted series featuring the popular Dude Perfect crew known for their trick shots and stunt videos searching for the next crazy idea.


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