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In this tutorial, you’ll modify an existing i OS 6 app called to make it compatible for i OS 5 – without losing any of the i OS 6 functionality.Along the way, you’ll cover various methods to detect and correct compatibility issues – and you’ll encounter a whole lot of crashes that give you some insight into the various APIs that we take for granted in i OS 6.Last year, i OS 6 introduced Auto Layout, UICollection View, Pass Kit, and native Facebook integration.This year, Apple is promising a host of new features in i OS7, including Text to Speech, Air Drop for i OS, Sprite Kit, and other incredibly exciting innovative extensions to i OS.Fortunately, it’s not as hard as you might think to ensure your apps support the widest range of i OS versions and hardware devices possible.Just to add to the confusion, Apple mobile hardware has also evolved over the years.Back cameras, front cameras, gyroscopes, magnetometers, retina screens, taller i Phone screens and multiple CPU cores are all innovations that have been added over the years in different versions of the i Pad and i Phone.

Each new version of i OS presents new opportunities to mobile developers — along with new challenges.Two years ago, i OS 5 introduced Storyboards, i Cloud, Newsstand, and native Twitter integration.


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