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I'll look into the dating sites you mentioned, thanks.I'd like to test the waters, pipeline a few options as a contingency plan at the least.What are the most popular dating/social media sites in España?For example, I know Tinder and Whatsapp are popular in Mexico, Colombia, etc. I know Spain is notorious for being clique-y and social circle-centric, I'll have my local friends to roll with, but I'd like to have a few options in the can so I can hit the ground running when I get over there.Social circles will always work in your favor...however in places like Barcelona, it's so big and so cosmopolitan and international that frankly, you're better off getting there and meeting women in person.The quality is also far better than what you'll find online.

Social Media in Spain According to this article, Facebook is the number 1 social media site used in Spain.I wonder if you can meet girls through FB in Spain.My Spanish is conversational, I'll be with my local friends a good amount of the time.Best to play the cool foreigner w/ connections card?

I'm planning to hit up dance venues and restaurants/bars at night and museums/landmark places during the day time (Sagrada Familia, Palacio Real, Museos, etc).

I know Spaniards are pretty late/after-hours partiers, heard malasaña is a good place in Madrid for clubs and girls looking for some action?


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