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And how rich is this single in terms of friends & family?

(A special thank you to Robin Penninger and Christian Kane Vote & Promote for the great pic and efforts to spread the word.)Some of you may have seen this, but here's a sneak peak into the upcoming season of The Librarians starring Christian Kane. Please go write in Christian Kane and The Librarians.

Christian Kane made his 6 million dollar fortune with The Librarians & Leverage.

But how does this friendly fun actor from Dallas, Texas, United States spend his money?



Earlier this year we saw generous charitable donations from Kane Con and others in Christian's name.

Tune in November 20 for the season Premiere on TNT Drama - Season 3 Premiere of the Librarians on TNTHey folks. Did you know that it was only with the help of you Kaniacs that LEVERAGE won the only People's Choice Award to ever be given to a television series AFTER it had aired its final episode! Christian is NOT eligible for any of the music categories this year, so please use your votes wisely.

Thank you for any and all votes and for sharing this post.

Tonight brings the first of the two parts of the first-season finale of TNT’s “Leverage.” We’ve commented on the show in the past here on Premium Hollywood, but after a slight false start in the early days of the series, it’s become an enjoyable blend of action, drama, and comedy that allows the viewer to escape into a world where the guy actually gets to win once in awhile.


In Chicago, Christian learned about the latest gift in his honor from ll we say, lots of generous donations) to VETSports in honor of Christian's birthday. The donation of almost ,300 will help VETSports (an all-volunteer organization) to provide weekly opportunities for Veterans to be a part of a team, and stay physically active through team sport and community involvement.


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