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This year Africology artists have also been nominated in four categories at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) in Nigeria.

Voting for the nominees closes at the end of this month.

Tadias Magazine By Tadias Staff Published: Friday, October 28th, 2016 New York (TADIAS) — As part of the Tadias Salon Series Tadias Magazine hosted Marcus Samuelsson at SEI in DC on Wednesday, October 26th for a book signing and afterparty celebrating the release of his latest publication entitled The Red Rooster Cookbook: The Story of Food and Hustle in Harlem.

Below are photos from the event: “When chef Marcus Samuelsson opened Red Rooster on Harlem’s Lenox Avenue, he envisioned so much more than just a restaurant.

Africology’s nominations for 2016 AFRIMA include: 1.

Best African Group / Duo or Band – Jano Band – “Darigne” Link to share to public – 2.

Tadias Magazine By Tadias Staff Published: Thursday, October 27th, 2016 New York (TADIAS) – NYC-based music & entertainment company Africology recently released their first music video production entitled “Alegntaye” featuring popular Ethiopian hip-hop artist Teddy Yo and Joe Lox.

Named after a historic neighborhood speakeasy, the modern Rooster reflects all of that, from the local art showcased on its walls, to the live music blaring from its performance spaces, to the cross-cultural food on its patrons’ plates and the evocative cocktails in their hands.

THE RED ROOSTER COOKBOOK is as lush and layered as its inheritance.

He wanted to create a gathering place at the heart of his adopted neighborhood, where both the uptown and downtown sets could see and be seen, mingle and meet – and so he did, in a big way.

Ever since the 1930s, Harlem has been a magnet for more than a million African Americans, a melting pot for Spanish, African, and Caribbean immigrants, and a mecca for artists.

Best African Group / Duo or Band [Rock} – Jano Band – “Darigne” Link to share to public – 3. State Department, George Washington University, the International Organization for Migration and hosted by USAID, highlighted “practitioners with unique approaches to international development who shared their stories and Diaspora experiences in short, dynamic presentations.” According to the Diaspora Global Innovation Exchange the numbers of people living outside their country of origin today has almost tripled worldwide — from 76 million to 232 million over the past four and half decades.


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