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Online dating has been on the rise for years, and while it has created endless opportunities to meet romantic partners, these platforms are also home to a lot of liars and exaggerators.

The deceptions range from the innocuous, like adding an inch or two to your height, to the totally outrageous, like failing to mention you're married.

People will lie about how attractive they are to increase their chances of getting matches.

In some cases, they will post older photos of themselves on their dating profiles to depict their ideal version of themselves.

"Also look for photos that seem dated and are not crisp, smartphone quality or don't seem to fit with one another.

If you have a feeling that something about a person's profile doesn't seem right, you can do a Google image search and see if there are any inconsistencies between what is said and what pops up in the search."In addition to appearances, people will sometimes lie about their professions or education levels to impress others.

For example, if someone is not totally happy with their weight, they may post photos on their profiles from a slimmer time in their life.You can figure out if someone has deceived you in this way by looking at the quality of their photos, online dating expert Damona Hoffman wrote in an email to ATTN:."If what you read seems too good to be true, it probably is," Hoffman wrote."So if a profile or photo seems too good to be true, or if someone is standing in front of a fancy car that might not be theirs, take the time to see if the profile and photos check out.If it turns out the bio photo is a stock photo of a model, you’d want to know sooner, rather than later."Dating expert Melani Robinson, who uses dating apps herself, told ATTN: over the phone that people should especially be wary of photos taken from a distance, as people will post these kind of photos so you can't get a good look at them.

Melani Robinson, an online dating expert, told ATTN: over the phone that starting any type of relationship with a lie is not a good thing.Here are a few tips from experts on identifying dating platform fibbers before you ever meet them in person.


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