Cher lloyd and harry styles dating Phone chat porn

Harry Styles isn’t interested in an intellectual romance, at least not according to Hollywood‘s insider.

The One Direction frontman has been spending a ton of time with Kendall Jenner, and it turns out there’s only one reason he really enjoys hooking up with the California beauty — “she’s super hot!

An insider very close to the situation tells Hollywood Harry is a playboy, living by his own rules and the rules of a 19 year old boy who can pretty much dictate the life he wants to live and the life of a guy who can get any girl he wants.

This is nothing serious with Kendall but he enjoys hooking up with her because she is super hot.

“Her looks only take her so far,” a source told us about the lovebirds.

“She is a bit barmy [British slang for foolish or eccentric]. Again, looks take you so far in life — she wasn’t the full package.” Hollywood Lifers, is it wrong for Harry to keep hooking up with Kendall if he finds her boring?

Remember all those Zayn Malik and Cher Lloyd rumours from back in the X Factor 2010 days (ah how we miss those days)?

” Harry and Kendall hit the slopes and looked to be having a blast.


This year, he took Kendall away on the ski trip and a fan actually ran into them.

“Casually hanging out with Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles. We bet she was shocked to see them there, because we were too!


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