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Yes, it’s the return of the deliciously unpredictable insta-dance, where each couple received their second routine’s music a mere half-hour before they had to perform. ) as well as Chelsea’s Disney Channel costar Nick Jonas.

Len liked the dance overall, though he thought it was “a bit theatrical for my taste.” Bruno, however, thought it was “fa-bu-lous,” and thought Mark found “the perfect setting for Chelsea to shine like a precious jewel.” Carrie Ann thought perfection was completely and totally earned.

And their resulting routine, danced to “Everlasting Love,” was a great creamy swirl of delight that ended with Hines on one knee slipping Kym a ginormously blingy “DWTS”-sanctioned ring. I’m glad Hines got over his stress and was really able to relax into the routine.

Sure, he was flat-footed (Bruno likened him to a “penguin”), but wasn’t it also great fun?

The semifinals are within spitting distance, and as host Tom Bergeron said during his voice-over introduction, “the only theme this week is STRESS! Actually, I thought the couples acquitted themselves quite nicely in their routines. And I liked how Chelsea got right in Mark’s face and talked out her frustrations about Mark’s peevish behavior. ) Chelsea and Mark portrayed a glamorously shipwrecked (yet modern) couple who found love, blue-lagoon style.

” Each couple had the Herculean task of preparing one individual dance and one (gasp) Instant Dance. There were no dynamite insta-breakouts like Kyle Massey from last season, and barring an unfortunate injury, I thought each star upped his or her game. Chelsea maintained her image of civility and good cheer and Mark got his diaper changed. After the heart-to-heart, Mark had an attitude adjustment and realized that he was the frame and Chelsea was the art (not the other way around), and their waltz was made all the better for it. And as if to go along with the castaway theme, cameras panned to yet another “American Idol” castoff, Casey Abrams, in the studio audience (could Mark be dating him as well?

Kirstie thought the Argentine tango had “enough steps there to stomp out all the cockroaches in New York.” She wasn’t eating, and that lack of energy caused her to loose her footing, resulting in some unsightly falls.


Both she and Bruno gifted the couple with 10s for the highest Season 12 score evah! Though it wasn’t just the bauble that had him smitten: the dance had the judge at hello with the park bench homage to 1953’s “The Band Wagon” with Cyd Charisse and Fred Astaire.For their instant dance, Chelsea and Mark enlisted the expertise of fellow Disney Channel star, Season 11 finalist and Insta-dance maven Kyle Massey, who did his part by barking out ever-helpful commands like “I need more hotness! Carrie Ann, however, didn’t see lithe Fred Astaire in “little cheesy” Hines (one of his 57 varieties) — she saw a burly Gene Kelly. The Pittsburgh Steeler’s nacho ordinary fox trot also had Len making romantic fromage overtures.


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    I was upset, but not at him, just the circumstances. I sent him a message to keep his head up, hoping things got better, out of concern.

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    Her pairs partner was Ben Barruco, with whom she placed 2nd at the novice level at the 1997 Canadian Championships. Championships is second only to Michelle Kwan (38).

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    We feel wherever they lack generally is their grasp of the newest fashion trends in Asian country.

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    The newspaper also added that people who claim to be close to the couple are “convinced” an engagement is inevitable. Fans were simultaneously mourning and celebrating the news. Many other fans were crushed because they hoped to marry him...

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