Checksum mismatch while updating eclipse

See here: Based on the GIT site,, I believe the 1.7.6 version of svnkit has been merged in October (and 1.7.5-v1 in July).

In my Jenkins plugin Manager I only see Subversion Plugin 1.45 offered.

Subversion SCM$Check Out Task.invoke(Subversion at hudson. SCMCheckout Strategy.checkout(SCMCheckout at hudson.model. Abstract Build$Abstract Build at hudson.model. Free Style Style at hudson.model.

Resource Controller.execute(Resource at hudson.model. I clicked the "Downgrade to 1.39" button in the installed plugins section, restarted Jenkins and the problem appears to be solved.

In searching this issue, I noticed a similar issue on the Jet Brains site which they say is fixed with svnkit 1.7.5-v1.

(I am at 1.44.) Based on, it looks like 1.45 includes SVNKit 1.7.6 since January.


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