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Every one of them had to make sacrifices in their lives and some even left all their wealth to make hijrah to Medina.

So this picture that you have in your mind that the Sahaba (RA) were people being like priests living in monasteries is not true.

All of them towards the end of the lives were either a mayor of a town, governor of a state, or leader of an army at the frontlines.

The Sahaba (RA) were very involved in establishing Islam in the world. Abdullah Ibn Masood (RA) said “The companions of the Prophet (SAW) were the least superficial of the people”.

In Islamic theology, jihad for the sake of Allah refers specifically to the form of jihad that involves taking up arms. READ the FULL DISTURBING BLOG POSTS of Muslim Jihadi Terrorist Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez,” The Right Scoop, July 17, 2015: …As Muslims, we often do this.

We have a certain understanding of Islam and keep a tunnel vision of what we think Islam is. And we don’t have appreciation for other points of view and accept the fact that we may be missing some important parts of the religion.


Because Islam is a comprehensive religion we need to know everything from its message.The more comprehensive our knowledge of it is, the better our understanding of it will be and of what goes on around us.


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