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    He went on: “I am looking for someone who is fun and outgoing, who is able to keep up with a Scorpio.

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    Whatever it is they’re feeling, it’s usually a positive & empowering vibe around it. If we charged membership fees, less people would signup and in the long-term, so we decided a free model works best. If you’re from other country but United Kingdom, we’ve probably got you covered. You might end up having to pay for the drinks on your next date, but apart from that, Flirtbox is absolutely free. Here, you can flirt with plenty of single men and women without having to spend a penny. Find other singles for a chat on Skype, Whatsapp, Kik or Bbm.

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    Love Epicentre is created not only for people who are looking for love - here you also can find like-minded persons for joint travelling or just make friends all over the world.

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    Grimes later confirmed that she took her name from grime music after discovering the existence of the genre on Myspace.

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    The stunning skyline exudes history, romance and charisma and is just one of many reasons why this city remains hugely popular with it's many frequent visitors.

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