Chatcwith sluts old style dating

I always tried to travel with him because Kirill is a really nice kid and club owners can be shit heads and not give what is promised.

When did you meet Kirill; how did you become his tour manager? He was some kid who would sleep in the movie theater.

He had a camera and would take pictures of us doing nonsense in the house. As time went on he would ask me advice on certain aspects of his business and I would give advice and also give ideas.

Name a few cities and how they differ from the scene in New York. We have fun in every city we go to; no city has never been bad!

Atlantic City (HAVEN in the Golden Nugget) is filled with Jersey girls and Philly hoes who love having their pictures taken and the shit they do to win a contest is next level – pulling their skirts up and getting champagne poured on their ass (which is my personal favorite, as I am more of an ass guy).

Thank god Kirill’s job is not only to just take pictures but to make people interact with one another.

LA is definitely a lot of fun because they sell hot dogs outside the venue and I love hot dog burps at 3 a.m.

(and blowing them in some slut’s face back in the hotel room).


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