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In a rage, Schön commanded Lulu to shoot herself, but ended up dead himself when the gun accidentally discharged.The prosecutor accused the hedonistic Lulu (wearing a black veil) of being like a Pandora's box of evil.In the Film's Conclusion, 'Payton'/Gallo and The Creatures in the Ship Were Drowned, While Surviving Humans in Jettisoned Pods (Including Nadia and Bower) Would Begin New Life in Colonies on Tanis During Year One. The title of this post-apocalyptic sci-fi film actually referred to a medical, physical and psychological disorder (fictional), aka the ODS (orbital dysfunctional syndrome) - a paranoid-hallucinatory insanity experienced by astronauts in deep space.In the concluding trial scene, Lulu - the mistress of Dr.Ludwig Schön (Fritz Kortner) - was accused of manslaughter in the case of Schön's murder.Destined to be punished, the expressionistic finale on Christmas Eve found Lulu as a destitute prostitute in London's Soho district.She became another gleaming-knifed victim of 'Jack the Ripper' (Gustav Diessl) during an erotic embrace and kiss. Lulu's hand went limp to indicate her death after the knifeblade was stuck into her stomach - off-screen.On her wedding day to him, her husband-to-be found Lulu cavorting with two other men: Schigolch (Carl Goetz) (either Lulu's pimp or father?


Director Georg Wilhelm Pabst's early erotic and hypnotic silent film melodrama produced hateful critical reviews for its overt sexuality.

Throughout the film, Louise Brooks portrayed a tempting goddess named Lulu wearing silky dresses and billowy gowns, even though she sported a pageboy haircut (or black bob).

In the Film's Opening, After Gallo Was on the Spaceship's Bridge When It Was Notified That Earth Had Been Destroyed, He Began to Suffer From Pandorum Sickness, Killed the Other Crew Members, and Ruled Over Some of the Civilian Humans Taken From The Hyper Sleep Pods.

Those Who Were Exiled Into the Cargo Hold Soon Turned Into Mutant Beasts.

The Film's Main Character, Lieutenant Payton, Was Actually Corporal Gallo, an Insane Crew Member on Spaceship Ark Elysium That Had Already Crash-Landed on Its Earth-like Destination, the Planet of Tanis.

The Ship Had Been Underwater For 800 of Its 923 Mission Years.


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