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It didn't really escalate to anything more sexual, but the kid gave him his number, so they could "relieve" themselves over the phone.

He called from a blocked number the kid answered, X told me that he became so overwhelmed with disgust of what he was doing, knowing it was wrong and immediately hung up the phone, got off-line and threw-up in disgust (according to him).

But I assure you, he will get caught if he keeps it up.

The chat rooms are full of undercover officers doing stings to protect the children from people just like your friend.

Which makes it easy for people like your friend to get in trouble.

Now he is paranoid that he was on the chat room with an Undercover and is afraid of getting arrested and being labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life. But, the 14 year old would of had to be an undercover cop, or working with one, which I doubt.

The fact would still remain that Little Johnny is 14. If a 20-year old man was cybering with a 14-year old girl, it would still be illegal. Your friend could be persistent in telling Little Johnny he will not talk to him and then hit the IGNORE/BLOCK THIS PERSON button.

The fact with the internet is it is easy for someone to hide behind a fake name and lie about their age, etc. He made a single mistake, and now he might be penalized for his entire life.


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