Chat mastribution

A big problem with these things is that they make people feel isolated and it is difficult to overcome this problems alone. You do it when you're alone, so you need to be around other people or stay busy when others are not around.Maybe volunteer to help parish or charity websites if you're a computer person, that will fill in some extra hours outside of work to keep you busy.Do not watch TV programs, films or listen to music that give you lustful thoughts. A change of scenery might help your brain overcome these problems. I've been where you are, and I can tell you that there is freedom for you!Also, you seem to be experiencing what may be signs of depression. Otherwise, you may need to see a counselor or get on some medication for a while. It will be painful for you to realize what you are hiding from. Let me know if there's any other way I can help you.


It makes me feel like my life is done and everything is finished. I have ruined my health up-to the level of premature ejaculation problem, very lean upper body and fatty lower body, hormone imbalance, watching at girls with lustful eyes, lost so much of memory power and concentration, short term memory loss, back-pain, scrotal pain, small genital, weak arms and legs, shivering, narrow shoulders etc. I have dreams to become successful in career and lead a good spiritual life. Can anyone guide me continuously through this journey to get rid of this addiction? Look through some prayers and hand write the prayer into the book. I suggest you make an appointment with a psychologist because you appear very unhappy.I used to look nice and had a nice and strong body and mind before I started this practice, I learned well and scored good grades in exams. I want to stop this worst habit that is ruining my life. It is common for very unhappy persons to masturbate.


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