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Did they chase me out of the Highlands with pitchforks and torches...maybe.

I am a straight up disgrace among my people for moving to England and starting a relationship with an English man of all things!! (This may be a tad dramatic but it's the internet so that is allowed). I took early retirement over two years ago from local government.

I like travelling, visiting historic homes and places, I like the sun and beaches, taking photos, play some bridge, like films, dvd's and the cinema, eating in and out and walking and cycling, spa breaks and swimming. I am looking for nice friends to remove my loneliness.

Looking to chat with ladies about everything and anything broad minded and open minded. my name is mustapha but mosta my friends call me mustiq so its okay if you do,i've just turned 19 last august so am getting older basically am on here to find and perhaps meet other people around the world and oh i nearly forgot am from a country call the GAMBIA where we have tourist from around the world so i would be glad if you wanna come over so i could show you around espcially with our beaches,cultures not forgetting about the bars and restaurants hmm local foo... I would be happy if anyone can help me to remove my loneliness and become my good friend and make me more happy . I love to hear music and watching movies very much . I also very much love nature its beauty and travelling . I am from Germany and i like lots of different things and activities.

I am 53 years old, both children have flown the coop, leaving my condo to just me and my dog.

I am looking for friendship, chat and fun of all kinds.


Hi there I am a mother of two fully grown children, very happily divorced.This is the moment of truth where I try to make you want to write to me within 2000 characters.I'm a Scottish girl living in England - this straight away is a conversation starter.I warn you that if we start talking I can be very forward and open.

I am open and intrested in meeting lots of nice Girls or Young women from the whole world. But i only want friends nno Flirts or relationships please!!!!!!

I don't care your Religion, race, disability, illness or your Lifestyle.


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