Challenges of dating a preacher


Just Book a Sunday and you will receive a code that opens up the Preacher Portal for you.Click on the video player on the webpage, and you'll have access to the sermon.There is often a shortage of clergy, more and more pastoral charges are becoming part time, and it is hard to find the leadership we need to sustain vital communities of faith.On the other hand, technology is making it feasible to connect preachers from all over the world with any congregation with high speed internet access.WE WANT TO MAKE GOOD PREACHING AVAILABLE TO ALL CONGREGATIONS WHATEVER THEIR CIRCUMSTANCE.

Preacher Portal is a site that makes engaging and powerful preachers available to all congregations- live or on demand.

The mainline church is going through a time of change and transformation.

There is a lot more to being a community of faith than just preaching.

But the strong proclamation of the Word is an important part.

Take a look at the Schedule of Preachers and then click on the BOOK NOW!

button to make the arrangements to bring them to your church.


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