Central liquidating and associates


He represents dozens of private and Legal Aid clients, including Robert Nikolovski, who is accused of orchestrating the killing of Wollongong underworld figure Darko Janceski in 2011.• Five championship golf courses with 90 holes of golf. • Although there are countless other activities which attract people to Fairfield Glade, golf has to be at the top of the list.Subsequent investigations by liquidators RSM revealed the company had debts totalling 5,972 as of March 10.The bulk of the debt – almost 0,000 – is owed to the ATO.Liquidators have told ASIC they believe the company’s failure was caused by “poor financial control, poor management of accounts, poor strategic management of the business and inadequate cash flow or high cash use”.Furthermore, in a report to creditors obtained by the Mercury, RSM partner David Kerr said investigations of the company’s financial situation “suggest a potential breach of section 180 [of the Corporations Act 2001]” – namely, that directors “exercise their powers and discharge their duties with due care and diligence”.• Numerous dining options in restaurants offering a “sports-grille” atmosphere as well one offering a bit more elegant fare. Each purchaser will be required to become a new member of the owners association and is subject to those fees which are in the Bidders Information Packet.


“I am of the opinion that due care and diligence was not exercised in ensuring financial records were adequately maintained and that the company was in a position to repay its creditors,” Mr Kerr wrote.“It appears that expenses such as rent on the company’s premises and employee superannuation were left unpaid for a significant amount of time while the director attempted to negotiate with the ATO.”Mr Kerr also formed the opinion the company had breached laws relating to financial record keeping.

Mr Kernaghan has since purchased back the company’s business name, intellectual property rights, equipment, telephone account and vehicle and continues to practice as a sole trader.



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