Celtic dating

But they live on in traditions such as Candlemas/Groundhog Day, May Day, and All Saint's Day/Halloween.

WATCH as the Herald and Times sports team reflect on Celtic's 1-0 League Cup semi-final win over Rangers at Hampden Park on Sunday.

(It never made sense to me that as soon as summer begins, the days start getting shorter, or that it has already been cold for some time by the “first day of winter.”) The solar events are determined astronomically, and vary a little bit due to factors such as leap year.

The true cross-quarter days are actually a few days later than the traditional dates of Imbolc, Beltaine, Lughnasadh, and Samhain, and sources vary as to the exact dates of their observance as well.

The Catalans have already suffered a surprise defeat in La Liga this season, whilst Celtic have won four from four in the Scottish Premiership. The match is on Tuesday September 13th with kick-off at 19.45. BT Sport 3 will be showing the game live, with coverage starting at 19.00. Barcelona will be hosting the game at their giant Nou Camp stadium where close to 90,000 spectators will be in attendance.

2016 seasons— Vernal equinox: March 20, Summer solstice: June 20, Autumnal equinox: September 22, Winter solstice: December 21, 2016 cross-quarter dates— February 4, May 5, August 6, November 6, Moon phases— New: October 30, First quarter: November 7, Full: November 14, Third quarter: November 21, New: November 29, (Coordinated Universal Time) The traditional Celtic year was quartered by the solar events with which we are familiar—the solstices (“sun-standing”) and the equinoxes (“equal-night”)—and then it was quartered again at the midpoints between the solar events, the “cross-quarter days.” The result was that the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, was midsummer’s day, not the first day of summer as we observe it.

The same goes for the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year and the middle of winter in the old system.

It is the first time the Bhoys have reached the Champions League group stage since 2013, with new manager Brendan Rodgers seemingly making an immediate impact.

Celtic's Moussa Dembele grabbed the late winner after being set up by substitute Leigh Griffiths and the team consider whether the two strikers are likely to be given a chance to form a partnership.

Celtic return to the Champions League this week, but their task could scarcely be more difficult as they travel to Barcelona.



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