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It will also include behind-the-scenes stories and reflections from celebrated Canadians including Geddy Lee, Serena Ryder, Clara Hughes and more.You can tune in to the Hip's listening party on CBC Radio 2 "I adhere to this rule that Tess Gallagher [a writer and Raymond Carver's widow] wrote in the beginning of this collection of Raymond Carver poetry, that, to paraphrase, poetry was a chance to be ample and grateful to those people and events dearest to your heart or nearest to your heart.


"They've just played such an important role in my musical life." Take a look at the setlist here, and watch a performance of "Nautical Disaster" below.After completing three dates in Toronto, the Hip headed out to Hamilton, ahead of their shows in Ottawa and Kingston.The show started with "At the Hundredth Meridian” and ended with “Twist My Arm.” The show also featured Downie reminiscing on playing a gig to zero people in Hamilton.The audience included many diehard fans including Mat Zadvorny, a Hamiltonian who has seen the band a staggering 43 times.

Follow this post as The Tragically Hip makes its way across the country on its Man Machine Poem tour ahead of its Aug.20 date in Kingston which will be broadcast live across the CBC network. Like many of the other shows on the Man Machine Poem tour, fans from across the country and beyond travelled to see Canada's band.



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