Cassie scerbo dating doug reinhardt


EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Doug Reinhardt’s Birthday Bash Reinhardt, who is known for dating a slew of Hollywood’s hottest ladies, had a long celebrity guest list including Brody Jenner, Stacey Keibler, Jasmine Waltz, new “lady friend” Cassie Scerbo, Ryan Braun and Randy Wolf (both Milwaukee Brewer pitchers). Tropez night club: the popular UK DJ’s The EC Twins, who have blown up the LA club party scene spun, all night long and there was a photo booth, psychic reader, palm reader, and a Yogen Fruz frozen smoothie bar.PHOTOS: Racy Photos of Doug And Paris In Cannes Candles lined the entire driveway and once inside, guests were served fancy finger foods.

That's what we're told—so here's to hoping for some Hemsworth beach photos! Certainly appears these two are back "They've been hanging out a lot," says a Liam pal.

A Liam source tells us that Hemsworth will be accompanying his renewed ladylove to Australia, where she will be stopping on her Gypsy Heart tour June 21. "They've been trying to do it away from the cameras."And up until Miley hinted at a reconciliation on Australian radio station Sydney's 2Day Thursday, telling them, "I love Australian boys obviously," we too, had no idea this was coming. A Liam insider says that the two are "taking it slow and just enjoying each other's company."Perhaps Miley needed a rebound after news broke that her fling (and costar) Josh Bowman is now dating Doug Reinhardt's ex, actress Cassie Scerbo? We totally think Hemsworth is an upgrade from Bowman, even if he is recycled goods!


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