Capricorn dating cancer

But, a Cancer man’s changing mood and tender nature may frustrate a Capricorn woman who is short tempered and determined.

According to Astrology, both the zodiac signs may not head in the same direction but if a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman have trust upon each other, there life boat can sail smoothly. Avail our Love and Marriage Prospects report to have an insight when you will meet with success in this endeavour.

A Cancer woman may also find it very hard to teach these qualities to him.

Although a Capricorn man may be responsible and loyal but may not find happiness with a Cancer woman as long as he will not spend quality time with her and understand her feelings.

Make use of our Love Ask A Question service to make sense of your questions and get clear and pointed answers to them to make your relationship better.Compatibility of Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman A Capricorn man is very ambitious and hard-headed person and may be more attracted by the higher position or authority rather than a Cancer woman’s love.The feelings like emotions, passion and devotion are not the traits of a Capricorn man.Compatibility of Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man The love line of a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman may not meet very easily.

However, in the initial stage of love, both will be attracted towards each other.Those having issues with the respiratory system are advised not to neglect it.


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