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The burial ground in the churchyard’s urban space, with its natural 86-acre rolling landscape, functions as both cemetery and public park.

This, the Cemetery’s famous residents, and stunning variety of sculptures and monuments make Rock Creek Cemetery a place of pilgrimage for people of all faiths.

Whilst an important cultural and heritage destination within Spain, Segovia continues to be the administrative and commercial center of the relatively wealthy province of the same name.

Such important functions could have led to over development but thankfully the historic hill top medieval town has come through centuries of developement pretty much unscathed and 20th century additions have been restricted to outside the old city walls.

Thats what happens when you build a city on top of a hill and enclose it behind a stome wall!

The Institute’s mission is to develop and evaluate evidence-based practices to empower youth, schools, families, and other stakeholders to promote the healthy, safe, and positive development of youth, with a special emphasis on the middle school years.

Segovia Spain is an ancient Spanish city and modern day provincial capital dating back to Roman times in the region of Castilla y Leon.

Its unique medieval castle, Roman aqueduct and small fortressed town are popular with visitors and locals alike whilst the traditional Segovian roast suckling pig draws visitors from Madrid on the weekends!


Dating from 1719, the Cemetery is also Washington’s oldest cemetery and was designed as part of the rural cemetery movement first advocated by the architect Sir Christopher Wren in 1711.

Our recomendation is that if possible the visitor spends a night in Segovia to soak up its unique atmosphere but if pressed for time then it should be first on your list of Madrid daytrips!

One of the most pleasing aspects of visiting the city of Segovia is the fact that its major attractions are all within walking distance of one another.

Don't worry though as the interiors of buildings in the old city are fitted with modern amenities with simply the facades being preserved!

Located just an hour from Avila, Madrid and Valladolid a visit to Segovia Spain can form part of a wider tour of Spain or Castilla y Leon or as a standalone daytrip from Madrid.The Clark-Hill Institute for Positive Youth Development includes an interdisciplinary team of faculty from the departments of Epidemiology and Community Health, Psychology, and Special Education and Disability Policy.


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