Can restore my ipod without updating

Finally, all of the staged changes to the filesystem are “committed”, all user data is deleted, and i OS is told to run its “reset all content and settings”.saurik also has explained how the tool works: Impactor uses the firmware archives provided by Apple for its “over the air” update feature.


It is the first tool that allows you to remove the jailbreak so you don’t have to restore your i OS device.

You can also do it right on the device, you don’t need a computer to do it.

First, the update’s “bill of materials” is compared against the files on your device, generating a list of changes.

Then, all files on your device that have been modified or otherwise destroyed are downloaded directly from Apple.

There are several tools such as i LEX RAT, a command line tool, and Semi-Restore, a desktop tool that allow you to restore your jailbroken device without losing the jailbreak.But as saurik points out, Cydia Impactor has a different objective.


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