Campagnolo crankset dating


Though they said you can roughly do the comparative math and figure out the US pricing, which should be slightly different than the Euro pricing due to lack of VAT import and the exchange rate.

And just to be clear on the above – all prices include an average VAT of 19% in the list price noted.

Today’s announcement includes five new carbon models, while also rolling out entirely new pod designs to their existing lineup of power meters produced from here forward (officially called the ‘2016 product line’) Finally, I chatted with them a bit about left/right power and what that means to Stages and their product plans, especially given some of the sightings of dual Stages units out in the wild (primarily on Team Sky).

Stages has announced five different sets of carbon crank options.

In order to simplify things, here’s the quick and dirty table of the new carbon products: FSA SL-K Light BB30*: 170mm-175mm, 799€, Winter 2016 Stages Power Meter for BB30: 170mm-175mm options, 799€, Winter/Spring 2016 Campagnolo Super Record: 170mm-175mm, 1,199€, Winter/Spring2016 Campagnolo Record: 170mm-175mm, 999€, Winter/Spring2016 Campagnolo Chorus: 170mm-175mm, 899€, Winter/Spring2016 *(Retrofitting FSA 386EVO, SRAM BB30 road and mountain, BB spindle is 99€) Here at Eurobike, Stages is officially only announcing the pricing in Euros, so for US pricing we’ll have to wait two weeks till Interbike.

Yes, I know, it’s annoying when companies do that and forgot the interwebs is global.

Today at Eurobike, Stages announced their first foray into offering carbon crank arm options with their power meters pre-installed.



The new housing design gives the Stages Power meter a 28% lower profile, with a 17% reduction in frontal area, while increasing the strength of the battery door and housing connection by 200%.

Now there’s been a lot of talk about fatigue in carbon cranks and how that might impact power measurement/calibration over time with carbon arms.

Speaking of which, there were some minor downwards adjustments of Euro prices on different models of existing Stages alloy power meters, based on a variety of factors including the exchange rate.

This was from an all-time Stages price high that was reached in January when they had to increase prices slightly for the European market.

Three of these options are using specific 3rd party crank arms (three on Campagnolo, one on FSA), and the 4th option is a ‘house’ option that’s fully Stages branded.This option and the FSA unit being the cheapest of the carbon offerings they have on tap.


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