Cam girls brookhaven ms


— Championship Game REGION 5-6AAt Meridian BOYSTuesday p.m.

— Championship Game REGION 6-6AAt Jim Hill BOYSMonday p.m.

— Championship Game REGION 1-5AAt Lake Cormorant BOYSTuesday p.m.

— Championship Game REGION 2-5AAt Oxford BOYSTuesday p.m.



— Championship Game REGION 7-6AAt D’Iberville BOYSTuesday7 p.m.

— Championship Game REGION 8-6AAt Hancock BOYSTuesday p.m.

— Championship Game REGION 3-6AAt NW Rankin BOYSTuesday p.m.

— Championship Game REGION 4-6AAt Clinton BOYSTuesday6 p.m.


Here are the schedules for this week’s boys and girls’ basketball MHSAA region tournaments, according to the MHSAA.

— Championship Game REGION 2-6AAt Hernando BOYSTuesday p.m.


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