Call and fuck no sign up no card required


Sure, but only if you’re keenly aware of its hidden costs and gotchas.And from what I’ve seen of Freedom Pop’s existing free data service, the company seems to try its best to keep potential users in the dark.You’ll only find them on a separate “Service Plan, Equipment, and Payment Terms” page, which is linked from the main terms of service.Even then, the part about extra fees is buried beneath six other sections of legalese.In exchange, Freedom Pop subscribers will get 500 MB of data and 200 voice minutes (via Vo IP) per month, plus unlimited text messages.Freedom Pop hopes to make money by selling add-on services, such as unlimited calling, additional data and faster connection speeds.Freedom Pop, a company that sells wireless hotspot devices with free mobile data, is planning to offer a full-blown cellular service with free voice calls and text messages this summer.


As All Things D’s Ina Fried points out, it’s a strategy reminiscent of dotcom-era companies like Net Zero, which gave away basic dial-up Internet service for free.

(Incidentally, Net Zero rose from the dead recently with free wireless Internet service, but it only lasts for a year before customers must pay for subscriptions.) Is Freedom Pop worth considering?


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