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Indeed, the average age of an IIM student is also increasing as more students with work experience go back to school.

Changing mores: The arrival of more women and older students on campuses such as the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, pictured here, is changing attitudes towards dating and live-in relations With the arrival of more women, older students and open attitudes, IIM campuses are seeing a shift in dating.

One by-product—a quiet reality that few talk about openly—is the live-in relationships in hostels.“Officially, people could not have a live-in relationship.

One girls’ hostel at Delhi university successfully lobbied recently for an extension of curfew, saying they needed to study at night.


” asks Ashok Shah, spokesman for the flagship institute IIM-A.Most of the IIM hostels do not assign separate wings to girls and boys—hostels are typically organized with one person assigned to a room.IIM officials say they have chosen intentionally to subject students to minimal supervision and treat them as adults.“If students cannot manage their own lives, how do you expect them to become leaders?

By Kumar’s estimate, 50-70% of dating couples live together on campus, but do not talk about it for fear of creating a scandal, usually only among professors and parents rather than their peers.On some campuses, hostels spell out that men should not be in women’s rooms, and vice versa, but implementation among twenty-somethings might actually face ridicule.“He (the complainer) was laughed at,” said Apurv Pandit, editor-in-chief of the site. And to a level where married students can split on-campus and go with separate partners.”At the IIM in Bangalore (IIM-B), where there are 110 women out of about 500 students, the women are assigned to women-only floors, though an outsider can’t distinguish where the boys’ rooms end and the girls’ begin.


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