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While having the strong feelings of love towards someone is essential to getting married, other factors are important to consider before walking down the aisle.

When a little girl comes into the world, it’s assumed that she’ll play with dolls, learn to cook and eventually settle down with a nice young man who will help take care of her.Whether we’re talking about a divorced mother and father working together from separate quarters to raise their child, or the unwed man or woman bringing up a child in a single parent home, it is evident that single parenting is a part of the new norm.With that being said, one can’t help but to think about and compare how single mothers of boys have more pressure on them than those raising little girls. When you think about it, single moms of little boys are pressured to make their sons into men on their own. Some things good, some bad, but one thing I’ve noticed for sure is that society has summed up their futures along with their parents.

From the day a child is born, there are preconceived notions and expectations placed upon them.To take things further, not only does an unwed mother deal with the pressures of trying to teach a boy how to be a man, but if he is not successful in his romantic relationships with women, the mother is somehow to blame too. Because it’s a mother’s job in the court of public opinion, to teach her son how to love a woman.


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