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I had been surrounded by amazing women and given abundant opportunities to connect with them. And I was left mostly unfulfilled in my dating life for most of college, and for several years after that. And then, I started to have a lot more choice in my dealings with women. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had a decent shot with any woman that I met. Nowadays, it’s not unusual for me to go out and come back with five phone numbers of attractive women in a single night.

Over dinner, the students would often ask me questions about how to handle this part of their life or another.

And the most frequent topic of conversation that came up was — dating.

Some of these guys spent months, even years going without a date or romantic prospect in sight.

Even when they got the date, they didn’t know how to make it progress to the next level.

These guys were young, decent-looking, smart, fun to be around — kind of like yourself.

And yet, their dating lives left something to be desired.

And they were surrounded by young, single, beautiful, intelligent women who went to class with them every day, ate meals with them every day, lived literally right next door to them.


Among a group of college guys, that was no surprise.What was surprising was how little dating was going on.Let me start with the story of how this book came into being.I remember it was one night at dinner a few years ago, when I was a pre-med advisor at Harvard, having dinner with some students, when the idea hit me like a ton of bricks.

And however bad you’ve had it with your love life, believe me — I had it worse.

I’m Ali Binazir, MD, MPhil, your friendly neighborhood author trying my darndest to help you become the happiest, healthiest, most kickass version of yourself.


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