Blind dating synopsis

Once again, like Theseus trying to gather up the skein before the Minotaur takes off his head, I have lost the thread of what the Real Argonauts of the Golden Fleece are actually fighting about. What does Sonja Tremont Morgan of the Dixie Napkin Empire Morgans see in her blind date Rocco? Why is Luann mad at everyone for screwing her husband before she did?Now that she's the top dog, it seems like her way of maintaining control over the group.The purpose of her revelation, though, is to make people uncomfortable.Eating disorders are not cute or something to hint about when someone seems too skinny.


Why is Adam making pizza when he's a gluten-free vegan who lives off of tempeh curd and blueberries he got on sale at Whole Foods?Is Pizza Box's shortness a renewable energy source that can burn as bright as a million (Mohegan) suns?


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