Blackberry contacts not updating

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email client available and comes as part of Microsoft's Office package.

Outlook stores its contacts, emails, notes, tasks, journals, appointments and calendars to files called PST.

The user IT admin need to rebuild the OST (more than 2GB) and complainted it never happen before prior installing .

The incident do not have a pattern and it is a random case, so hard for us to pin point the exact trigger point.

They are not getting any new emails while it is stuck on "Updating Inbox".canada3 If there is an excessive number of emails in inbox, it can take some time until ESET scans all emails for the first time after installation.

Usually not all emails are kept directly in inbox but are organized in folders.version 5.0.2229 over in 500 computers, in random, some machines couldn't update the inboxes.


However, we have a couple people out of the batch who's Outlook will no longer update.

One of those people happens to be the CEO The only thing I have been able to do to get it to work is to switch them into Non Cached mode and it appears to work.

This does still happen when I start Outlook in safe mode as well, without the plugins.

canada3 Please raise a support ticket with US customer care.


Unable to collect logs as the issue happen randomly, and once the OST is rebuild, everything is fine.

PST File Repair can be acheived by using a suitable PST recovery tool like this one, that's specifically designed to help restore your Microsoft Outlook Personal Storage Files (.pst) so you can retreive your emails, contacts etc from an otherwise corrupt inbox file.


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