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Second was with a woman from my church also together 2 yrs. I know dating someone who lives a open lesbian life is going to be difficult bc im in the closet Are there any women willing that type of relationship or is it to far of a.stretch for someone like me Fan Mail : Family !!!

Fan mail : i just wanted a little advice i am 37 years old never been with a women before but it seems as though if i watch porn only lesbian porn turn me on I have only dated men and i am very attracted to them but the older i get i am starting to be attracted to women i have even started to fantasize about the type of women i may want to experience this fantasy.seems to me like everything have been getting worse ... Fan Mail : Hey am a stud I need ur advice on this one.Fan Mail : Not a member but I am.lesbian I am not An Out lesbian so my relationships have been very very private.Sigh, I want so badly to come out bold and proud but my relationship with God and the church and the fact that my children were raised to believe a certain biblical truth.

I in turn have put wht I really am, on the shelf for most of my life until four years ago.

My first experience was with my best friend, together secretly for 2 yrs.


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