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While features vary, broadly speaking, there are two technologies: vibrating and rotating.

There's no independent research to suggest one technology is superior, and most experts agree that, in general, all face brushes can be good for skin.'Face brushes make a ritual of cleansing, which can mean women are more likely to cleanse thoroughly,' says Dr Sam Bunting, a Harley Street cosmetic dermatologist.

'With no timer, people could be more inclined to use it for too long.''I don't think you should be using cleansing to do that, and telling people they should be using it twice a day to get this result could tempt women with wrinkles and delicate skin to overuse it, upsetting the barrier function of the skin, and causing more damage.''This is a good budget option,' says Dr Bunting, 'but not being able to use it in the shower marks it down.

Forget soap and water - these days, women are ditching flannels in favour of electric face brushes to help give skin a super-deep clean.

First on the scene, in 2009, was the £150 Clarisonic, but since then the market has exploded.

'Lots of women are inclined to equate that squeaky-clean feeling with taking care of their skin when, actually, it can indicate that you've damaged the skin's barrier function,' says Dr Bunting.'I'm not convinced that different bristles are necessary,' says Dr Bunting.


‘It’s very precise and anything that mitigates a tendency for overuse is a good thing, though I’m not convinced anyone needs to be using anything other than the gentlest head.’ This felt cheap.The bristles were scratchy, the head wobbled and the other heads felt either ineffective, or downright dangerous.The timer has a one-minute cycle, which beeps at 20, 40 and 50 seconds to remind you to change area, and a two-minute cycle.Fully charged (via the magnetic USB charger), it lasts around 28 minutes.'I like the timer function,’ says Dr Bunting.


'Used correctly, they can help remove more surface dirt than manual cleansing, meaning the products you use penetrate better.'Devotees claim they leave skin more toned and radiant, but Dr Bunting warns they need to be used with care: 'There is the potential for over-cleansing, damaging the skin, and they can even cause breakouts.It's about using it when your skin needs it, with an appropriate cleanser, such as Cetaphil, that won't over-dry your skin.'The market leader (with price to match), it oscillates 300 times a second.


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