Best dating movies 2016

' greatest tip of the hat is acting like a rebel in the face of the Hollywood standards -- just like its predecessor.

Splashy, cartoonish action is matched by biting buffoonery that sticks it to skeptics.

His grizzled foster father would like nothing more than to ship the little [expletive] back to government care.

When the two find themselves stranded in the woods, mistaken for on-the-lam criminals, they... entry and each passing day in the race to the White House, the ridiculous, dystopian notion of "Purge night" -- 12 hours when all crime is legal in America -- becomes more like a future on the horizon. Regular Joes provoked by government-sanctioned bloodlust may just cut her neck for the fun of it.



Where to see it right now: In theaters (watch the trailer) ) Why it's great: This New Zealand backwoods adventure roughs up every single coming-of-age cliché.

Dennison's Ricky is an absent-minded, hip-hop-obsessed, rebellious orphan.

, as the security detail for a presidential candidate (Mitchell) riding the anti-Purge ticket. With a down-to-Earth supporting cast -- all hail action-star-in-the-making Betty Gabriel -- is edge-of-your seat mayhem cut together with chainsaw grace.

The movie can stumble into the excessive and dangerously cliché, but that's the price of depicting America's worst-case scenario with true bite.

Where to see it right now: Rent on i Tunes, Amazon, You Tube, and VOD (watch the trailer) redux is one of the funniest movies of the year.

Feig never crosses the streams; the new movie pays homage to the original while allowing the quartet of A-list comedians to own a new batch of hero roles.


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