Benefits of dating an asian

They just think an Asian girl will give them the time of day.

White men are consistent with their dating behavior, so you’re left wondering a lot.

I’ve been seen as a color, object, sex toy my entire life. It sure as hell works for me in the workplace today. How dare she compare the asian man to the white man! Asian Man Stereotypes – Lack confidence in talking to women, angry, small penises, smart, short, bottom of the barrel, proper, boring, well mannered, think they own Asian women.


IT’s a contentious issue but yeah, I am going to go there. I know I get some breaks so, I most certainly must give it back in the dating sense, right? Cons: think they own all women in general, arrogant, self-absorbed, treated like an object, rude Pros: confident, makes me feel special and singled out, exciting, adventurous Cons: lacking in confidence while talking to me, boring Pros: Proper, respectful, focused, express their feelings on how much they like me on a date First and foremost, I would like to point out that I did not mention small penis for either race.This could stem from a fetish, but I’m usually not with them long enough to figure it out.It’ll be a battle against the bugle only if he wears pleated pants. I’m usually happy to oblige but lately I’ve been less than willing to jump in right away.Hot white men who usually date me are looking for a sexual adventure and dorky white me are just happy to date any female.


If a man’s hands and feet are small don’t expect a big prize behind the curtain. Being an Asian lady myself, I’m definitely wined and dined by white men. Sometimes it makes we wonder what a romp in the sack is like?

How dare she compare the asian man to the white man! Let me give you ladies a little tip on penis size for ANY race.


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