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All about Site Staff: I am always a bit un-trusting of any of these Chat Based jobs as it seems every time I have found one in the past, I get excited knowing how many of you readers are looking for chat-based work. Another name that came up when researching Site Staff was Kirby Hinton. Hinton appears to be the owner of Site Staff and he too holds an extensive and credible history that can easily be found online. While I cannot determine whether or not this site is a waste of time or not, I can say “so far so good”.

Then, I am sourly disappointed by the lack of pay or legitimacy of the company. Site Staff’s website was just created in May of 2011- or rather the domain name was purchased. It is always a struggle to review a work at home job when they are new and no one has yet to spread word around the web of their experience. Site Staff must have clients because they are hiring Chat hosts.

They also claim to be currently servicing “companies such as chiropractors, dentists, tanning salons, financial planning firms, day spas, etc” . Site Staff’s recent job ad says chat hosts will be responsible for “chatting with and informing (customers) about products and services the business offers”.

It is safe to assume that each client Site Staff works with will have different needs.

They allow businesses of all sizes and resources to have the option to utilize online web receptionists via chat to assist online customers. Site Staff has invested far enough into their business to hire someone who knows what they are doing. If you need a work at home job you can depend on, then don’t get involved with a start up company.Site Staff hires virtual chat hosts to work from home. So the next step is to look for the history of the company. Further research tells me he works with small start up companies to help them succeed. Should the fact Site Staff is a new company cause for concern? If you enjoy the excitement of being a part of something from the ground up, flexible to deal with the many many changes that will occur as the company finds their groove and will be fine if the job is lost or there is lack of work- then go for it!


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