Be2 dating online 100 questions to ask a girl before dating

I now suspect that be2 were responsible for this as I was definitely NOT sending my photo out to random men.This really turned me off, so I decided I would not extend my membership after the 3 month period, in fact I tried to delete my profile there and then - despite paying for 3 the internet having so many people been badly serve. So paid membership IS required) Within a week received persistant scam mail 'matches' .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. I reported this and 'they' sabotaged my email file. It's a SCAM I joined in May and so far every man (3) have all been scammers, who are foreign, making lots of money and are currently overseas for work. I do not know how to cancel the account because it won't let me.I wish I'd read your recent reviews before I sent money to trial b'2 , Most of the people I was matched with did not have their real photo and were over thousands of kilometres from where I lived, I have seen my bank to stop any further payments as I had deducted from my bank card without giving permission to do so and no notice from b'2 informing me this was to be deducted. I signed up one day ago and find this site not very good. I only used for a short while and tried to cancel but they make the way difficult to escape, like a spiders web. I have been harassed for 18 months for claimed money owing.I have tried to contact them by email but the email address is not valid and there's no postal address given. Photos for most of the people are not real and I asked for my money back and waiting to hear back. You pay for money, no new matches and people in a different state. : are located in LUXEMBOURG, they are same people with different names. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have written to [email protected] but NO reply ; I deleted my profile . I will not be parting with any money so don't be conned by the continual harassment.


In addition, for some reason, I was getting replies from men that I supposedly shared my photo with; men I knew were not suitable for me, perhaps because they were smokers or not within my age preference etc.

after no more than 5 days of Premium member , I demand my money back because I realize that they are not good. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [email protected] be2 S.à.r.l. 13 rue du Commerce, L-1351 Luxembourg Commercial Register , B 123206 Managing Director: [name removed] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I hope "Managing Director: [name removed]" replies to me . And for those that get an email that pretends to be from a lawyer representing this scam site, you can tell them come and get your money in cash, it's a long flight from England to Australia.

If she doesn't I will complain to "Consumer Affairs" this way I will learn how to stop this Fraudulent companies. Wish I had thought to check public reviews before joining what appeared to be one month free trial (first u must provide ALL personal details, DOB, income etc AND only then be informed free offer is to view only, no access allowed.

To make the experience worse, I then discovered that your membership is automatically renewed soon before your membership period expires.

Access to Deleting your profile is blocked with 'password invalid' as is cancelling membership. I have completely changed my profile and have sent them an email asking how to cancel, with no reply as yet.

Checked Paypal to find future monthly payments set up on automatic by be2. I recommend that you cancel your credit card and get a new one issued.


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