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We have established a fund to help his son pay for expenses.If you are able please visit this page and donate via paypal.1/700 SS Persia (Scratchbuilt) by Roy Allen 1/350 RMS Mauretania (Gunze Sangyo) by Peter Van Buren 1/350 USS Massachusetts BB-59 (Trumpeter) by Bernd Villhauer 1/700 IJN Yamashiro (Aoshima) by Jose Soca 1/350 SMS Markgraf (ICM) by Robert Apfelzweig 1/350 Soya, 2nd Corps (Hasegawa) by Peter Van Buren 1/700 IJN Myoko (Hasegawa) by Anthony Kochevar 1/350 USS Wichita CA-45 (Yankee Model Works) by Richard Sliwka New Dudes on Monday 1/146 HMS Victory (Revell Germany) by Nikos Dimitropoulos First Submission 1/350 USS Jenkins DD-447 (Tamiya) by Mike Cavel First Submission 1/700 Admiral Ushakov (Trumpeter) by Heiko Schittek First Submission 1/450 IJN Akagi (Hasegawa) by Alec Cap 1/600 HMS Ark Royal (Airfix) by Konley Kelley 1/350 USS Brooklyn ACR-3 (Iron Shipwrights) by Peter Van Buren 1/350 USS Oakland CL-95 (Yankee Modelworks) by Kym Knight 1/350 SMS Emden (Revell Germany) by Alec Cap 1/700 IJN Takao (Pit-Road) by Paolo Yuen Even More New Reviews for November include: More Telford 2008 Highlights by Mark Deakin IPMS UK Scaleworld, Telford 2008 by Jim Baumann Building half of (?!) of HMS Scylla in 1/700 scale by Jim Baumann Telford IPMS International 08 report by Dave Wooley 1/350 USS Mobile Bay CG-53 (DML) by Alec Cap 1/700 USS Honolulu CL-48 (Naval Works) by Christoph Mentzel 1/200 PLAN Shenzhen (Trumpeter) by Kieran Griffith 1/700 DKM Bismarck, Prinz Eugen (Trumpeter/Tamiya) by Andrew Jones 1/700 HMS Endurance (Scratchbuilt) by David Smith 1/350 IJN Mikasa (Hasegawa) by Robert Apfelzweig First Submission 1/700 RM Conte di Cavour 1940 (Waveline) by Nick Dogger Remembrance Day/Veterans Day-the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month." 1/700 USS Nashville CL-43 (Naval Works) by Christoph Mentzel 1/700 Battle of Guadalcanal (Aoshima) by Andrew Jones New Guys on Monday 1/700 Air Apaches attack IJN Ayanami (Tamiya) by Stefan Bernet First Submission 1/700 RFA Blue Rover (Scratchbuilt) by David Smith First Submission 1/700 USS Denver CL-58 1944 (Pit-Road) by Christoph Mentzel 1/350 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) by Peter Van Buren USS Salem walkaround by Brian Osterhout Another New Review for November includes: 1/350 USS Warrington DD-383 (Yankee Modelworks) by Ron Smith 1/700 USS Spokane CL-120 (Admiralty Modelworks) by Christoph Mentzel 1/72 PT-109 (Revell) by Brian Osterhout 1/700 DKM heavy cruiser Blücher (HP-model) by Christoph Mentzel 1/350 USS Somers DD-381 (Yankee Modelworks) by Ron Smith 1/192 HMS Cadiz (Scratchbuilt) by Dennis Vella More New Reviews for November include: 1/700 Omsk K-186 SSGN (Tamiya) by Rui Matos 1/350 USS Sculpin SSN-590 (Yankee Modelworks) by Ron Smith 1/350 USS Chester CA-27 (Yankee Modelworks) by Ron Smith 1/700 USS Northampton CA-26 (Corsair Armada) by Christoph Mentzel 1/700 IJN Zuikaku (Tamiya) by Paolo Yuen 1/700 USS Yorktown CV-10 (Hasegawa) by John Leyland 1/700 IJN Katsuragi (Aoshima) by Bob Nandell Building USS Nicholas DD-449 1945 by Ed Mc Donald 1/350 USS Clark DD-361 (Yankee Modelworks) by Ron Smith 1/700 USS Du Pont DD-941 (JAG) by Carl Musselman Scratchbuilding the French Battleship Charlemagne by Carl Beetz 1/700 USS Mc Cloy DE-1038 (JAG) by Carl Musselman UPDATED 1/700 USS Coontz DDG-40 (Niko) by Christoph Mentzel 1/350 IJN Nagato (Hasegawa) by Zdenek Krcmar 1/72 PT-109 (Revell) by Alec Cap 1/700 USS Chicago, 1895 (Combrig) by Bob Cicconi 1/720 DKM Adm Hipper (Revell Germany) by Erick Navas 1/350 IJN Mogami 1944 Hybrid (Yankee Modelworks) by Kym Knight 1/96 USS Constitution (Revell Monogram) by Dietmar Carstensen First Submission 1/35 PBR-31 MKII PIBBER by Symeon Konstantinopoulos 1/350 USS Monitor (Iron Shipwright) by Jonne Uotila First Submission 1/700 IJN Fubuki (Pit Road) by Andrew Johnson First Submission 1/125 USS Mertz DD-691 (Lindberg) by Bill Dunn First Submission 1/700 ORP Orzel (Niko) by Joerg Kuhnert First Submission 1/700 USS Hercules PHM-2 (DML) by Carl Musselman 1/350 USS Lexington BC-2 (Scratchbuilt) by Andy Bradshaw 1/35 Program 5 Command and Communications Boat (Masterpiece Models) by Rick Bellanger 1/700 IJN Nenohi (Aoshima) by Erick Navas 1/700 USN Harbor (DML/Tamiya/Skywave) by Andrew Jones 1/144 USS Iowa SSN-32 (Cancelled in 1992) (Trumpeter) by Kieran Griffith IPMS Vancouver Fall Show 2008 by Timothy Choi A Very Simple Ocean Effect Method by Carl Musselman More new Reviews for October include: Oregon Historical Modelers Society 2008 show by Matt Enochs Cruiser Thursday 1/700 IJN Mogami (Tamiya) by Robert Espenschied 1/720 DKM Adm Hipper (Revell Germany) by Erick Navas Bismarcks! Ryan Labieniec, USMC 1/350 DKM Bismarck May 5, 1941 (Tamiya) by Jens Leverentz 1/350 DKM Bismarck (Tamiya) by Alec Cap 1/200 DKM Bismarck (Scratchbuilt) by Song Jung Gun 14.5-10-2008 Dragon 1/350 USS Laffey DD-459 1942 (Plastic kit) Preview Royal Navy Tuesday 1/700 HMS Illustrious R06 (DML) by Mathew Tuck 1/600 HMS Duke of York and HMS Belfast (Airfix) by Andrew Jones 1/700 HMS Repulse (Tamiya) by Frantisek Kut 1/72 Firefighter (Revell Monogram) by Guilherme Santos 1/400 Type M Soviet SS (Maquette) by Jacek Zommer 1/400 CSS Bonefish and CSS Whelk (Maquette Kitbash) by Kieran Griffith USS Intrepid Tow by Devin Poore Yamato Movie Prop Walkaround by Curt Cline Oktoberfest!1/700 D182 Schleswig-Holstein (Admiralty Model Works) by Martin Kohring 1/700 DKM Tirpitz (Trumpeter) by Nathanael Jansen 1/400 DKM Königsberg (JSC) by Erick Navas CV Thursday 1/350 USS Yorktown CV-10 (Trumpeter) by Jorge Martinez 1/700 USS Tarawa CV-40 (Hasegawa) by Fred Luhrs 1/700 IJN Akagi (Hasegawa) by Paolo Yuen DD Wednesday 1/700 USS Cannon DE-99 (Pitroad) by Frantisek Kut 1/700 ROC Yun Yang DDG (Veteran Models) by Hanchang Kuo 1/350 USS Nicholas DD-449 (Tamiya) by Ed Mc Donald First Tuesday 1/125 USS Lake Erie CG-70 (Scratchbuild) by Bill Liebold First Submission 1/700 I-58 Late (Tamiya) by Dirk Pitt First Submission 1/72 DKM Type XXIII (Special Navy) by Rafal Handerek First Submission 1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Peter Van Buren 1/225 USS Oregon BB-3 (Glencoe) by Jorge Martinez 1/350 SMS Emden (Revell Germany) by William C.Snow III 1/700 IJN Kinu (Fujimi) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong 1/400 SMS V-106 (Mirage) by Ralf Roggeveen 1/72 LÉ Cliona (Revell Germany/Matchbox) by Kieran Griffith More new Reviews for October include: Resin Ships Dont Have To Be Scary Or Using The Magic Of Simple Technology by Ron Smith Her Majesty's Monday 1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Phil Reeder 1/700 HMS Roberts (Combrig/Skywave) by Andrew Jones 1/700 HMS Repulse (Tamiya) by Frank O'Neill 1/144 DKM U-2518 Type XXI (DML) by Jorge Martinez 1/700 HTMS Chang & HTMS Phetra (Pit-Road/Loose Cannon Productions) by Nye Nava Slava Friday 1/700 Vilna Ukraina (Trumpeter) by Kieran Griffith 1/700 Moskva (Trumpeter) by Li Wai Kit Carrier Thursday 1/400 Charles De Gaulle (Heller) by Alec Cap First Submission 1/700 USS Core CVE-13 (Tamiya) by Frantisek Kut 1/350 USS Ticonderoga CV-14 (Trumpeter) by Andrew Jones A Pair of Buchanans 1/350 USS Buchanan DD-484 1942 (DML) by Motoyuki Iwashige First Submission 1/350 USS Buchanan DD-484 (DML) by Chris Plum 1/426 USS Arizona BB-39 (Revell-Monogram) by Tamás Herger 1/400 Horyzont II (Modified JSC) by Pablo Cicero 1/700 USCG 123' Island class cutter (Scratchbuilt) by Bob Nandell Sean says Hi to his nephew Nathaniel and niece Caitlyn 1/1200 DKM Bismarck (Airfix) by Tim Reynaga 1/700 USS Merrill DD-976 (Skywave/Pit-Road) by Carl Musselman 1/350 IJN Chokai (Aoshima) by Dirk Ponge 1/350 US Navy Ships (Tamiya/DML) by Dominico Gotinga 1/220 The Two (Various) by Walter Taylor First Submission International Talk Like a Pirate Day 1/700 DKM Schleswig Holstein (WSW) by Frantisek Kut 1/600 HMS Royal Sovereign (Thoroughbred Models) by Patrick Camilleri 1/700 USS Yorktown CV-5 (Tamiya) by Mark Mckinnis 1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445 (Tamiya) by William Bowden HMS Wednesday Werner Lee Stunkel died September 14th. He leaves behind a son, Scott and a lot of friends on this site.1/350 USS Buchanan DD-484, 1942 (DML) by Ed Mc Donald 1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445, 1942 (Tamiya) by Ed Mc Donald 1/192 HMS Savage (Scratchbuilt) by Dennis Vella 1/350 USS Sampson DD-394 1943 (Yankee Modelworks) by Richard Sliwka 1/350 USS Sampson DD-394 1940 (Yankee Modelworks) by Richard Sliwka 1/700 IJN Hibiki (Tamiya) by Erick Navas 1/700 HMS Sheffield (Revell Germany) by Juan Carlos Pérez Modern Carriers 1/350 Russian Carrier Admiral Kznetsov (Trumpeter) by Louis Carabott 1/144 USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 (Scratchbuilt) by Patrick Loffredo 1/700 USS America CV-66 (Fujimi/Italeri) by Mark Mckinnis UK International Model Boat Show By Edward Pinniger Another New Review for December: Queen Elizabeth 2 in Malta By Patrick Camilleri First Friday 1/700 DKM Tirpitz at Kajford, 1943 (Trumpeter) by Cedric Chan First Submission 1/350 USS Katahdin (ISW) by Ben Garbin First Submission 1/96 HMS Beagle (Revell Germany) by Angel Angelov First Submission 1/400 S-151 and MAS-500 (Scratchbuilt) by Pablo Cicero SSBN Wednesday 1/350 Delta IV SSBN Pr.

The USS LST Ship Memorial, Evansville, IN by Brian Hert 1/700 USS Cache AO 67 (Loose Cannon) by Patrick Johnston 1/600 SS Independence (Scratchbuilt) by Patrick Camilleri 1/700 USS Lake Champlain CV-39 (ISW) by Mark Mckinnis 1/700 USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 (Trumpeter/Italeri) by Paolo Yuen 1/60 Viking Ship (Stavebnice) by Philip La Voie 1/400 DKM Harbor (Heller) by Alec Cap 1/32 Admiralty Tug HMT Resolve (Scratchbuilt) by Ron Horabin New Images Added More new reviews for December include: 1/24 S.

S Norrix a 1920 twin hatch coaster (Scratchbuilt) by Ron Horabin New Images Added 1/350 Life (Dragon/Trumpeter/Scratch) by Timothy Choi 1/700 JMSDF Shimokita LST-400 (Tamiya) by Juan Carlos Pérez 1/400 DKM Ships (Heller) by Alec Cap Building a diorama of Liverpool's Langton and Brocklebank Docks By VMF-06 German Gamblers Building the Italian Monitor Faa di Bruno in 1/700 scale by Jim Baumann Cruisers 1/350 USS St.


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