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That's the genius of Whats App, it takes the telephone contacts you've had for years and uses them as a basis for an online messaging service.

Whats App can send more than just text-based messages.

Whats App is registered to your mobile telephone number.

When you first open the app you'll be asked to provide your phone number, after which an SMS verification code will then be sent. Anyone you know who uses Whats App and has you in their Contacts list will see that the number is registered with Whats App and can then contact you via the service.

You're also able to easily send photographs, videos, voice messages, contacts, PDF documents and location details through the app.


As Whats App is a cross-platform service, all versions of Whats App can send messages between one another.There aren't any charges to send messages as Whats App uses your mobile data or internet connection.If you're new to Whats App, it can all feel a little overwhelming, however.That's where this guide comes in, to get you started, explain the basics, and show you how to make the most out of the messaging service.

Even the humble SMS message is being left as a remnant of the past .The ubiquity and popularity of Whats App has grown so much that businesses are now using the service for employee communication as well as communicating directly with customers.



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