Auto copyright created script updating w dating after divorce effect on children

I uploaded a new version (1.3) to deal with changes to download options from Mozilla.

Thanks to neymac (for reporting the issue), speck (for providing a working fix) and glorsplitz (for letting me know).

@hugo-cloudmunch You cannot submit packages that already exist in the official Slackware repository.

In addition since I use tricks to auto-detect the version and grab it and repackage as a normal use my script does not conform with their guidelines. Or do you mean I should make a package of containing this script and submit that package to SBo?

Even better, users of the build are guaranteed to use the version of Gradle that the build was designed to work with.


But it can be an unnecessary burden on the users of the build.Equally importantly, will the user install the right version of the tool for the build?


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