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L.: Guldfundet fra Kitns./ JENSEN, JRGEN STEEN: Kirial-skatten - vort strtste mntfund./ KROMANN, ANNE & LINDAHL, FRITZE: Guldskatten fra Hammershus./ BENDIXEN, KIRSTEN: Balleskattens mnter./ JENSEN, JRGEN STEEN: Guldskatten fra Vejby Strand./ JENSEN, JRGEN STEEN: Kge-borgeren Jacob Pomeiers skat Annotated survey of auctions giving references to prices realized for literature sold at more than 100 public auctions of numismatic literature as well as Davis' observations to the numismatic quality, utility and rarity. DEM 160 Numismatic bibliography consisting of 3.762 entries of Norwegian and Danish relation: coins, banknotes, medals, orders. Samling Julius Hagander, Bern + Stockholm 1996, 574 pp, ill. GULLBEKK: Henrik Willialmsson myntare j Prondeimi; ANTON HOLT: Fynd av mynt frn vikingatiden p Island; HKON INGVALDSEN: Numismatikkens komiske og tragiske sider pengebenevnelser i gresk diktekunst; UNO BARNER JENSEN: C. Biddulph Upubliceret katalog over mnterne fra Trankebar; HENRIK KLACKENBERG: Pengar av sten; L. LAGERQVIST: Ett tiggartecken; MONICA GOLABIEWSKI LANNBY: Skatten vid Silverhttan i Visby; BRITA MALMER: Ormtypen i Lund.Ngra anmrkningar till Hauberg II: 20 och IV:1 ; JENS CHRISTIAN MOESGAARD: Enkeltfundne mnter: tab eller tilfldigheder ? G.: The analysis of the gold finds from Helg and their relationships to other early medieval gold, 23 pp, ill.664) Kyhlberg, Ola: Late roman and byzantine solidi, an archaeological analysis of coins and hoards, 114 pp ill., Stockholm 1986. together with Hovn, Bengt E.: The Sasanian and islamic coins, 6 pp together with Malmer, Brita: West european silver coins at Helg, 4 pp., ill. Some speculations on the use of silver in the Baltic region; GERT HATZ: Zur Mnzprgung Herzog Lothars von Sachsen; VERA HATZ: Die Otto-Adelheid-Pfennige in den Mnzfunden Estlands; PETER ILISCH: Die S/COLONIA/A-Prgung Knig Heinrichs II (1002-1014); EUGENIJUS IVANAUSKAS: Johan Dila a Vilnius master of coins and medals; JRGEN STEEN JENSEN: Late-medieval Estonian coins in Danish hoards and finds; KENNETH JONSSON: The early gote; BRITA MALMER: Some long cross imitations found in Estonia; JENS CHRISTIAN MOESGAARD: Stray finds of Carolingian coins in Upper Normandy, France; ARKADI MOLVGIN: A unique hoard from Estonia; MIHHAIL NEMIROVITS-DANTSENKO: Zur Datierung der Seestlinge; FRANZISKUS PRN: Zur Geschichte der livlndischen Numismatik; BORYS PASZKIEWICZ: The coins of the Jedrzejw Abbey; GERALD STEFKE: Der Beginn der Sterling-Prgung in Lund und das Ende der Mnzsttte Nstved. Jahrhunderts im regnum Dacie und im stlichen Norddeutschland; STANISLAW SUCHODOLSKI: Coin hoards discovered in churches a symptom of cult or economy ?CONDITIONS 2001: All titles are generally used - a few are as new, though. The second study is concerned with the weight system behind the spiral gold and other gold pieces on land. As usual the back of the binding is separated from the contents and the binding itself is loose due to the very bad materials for book production available in the war years.All titles are in paper wrappers unless otherwise stated. IMPORTANT: the seller reserves the right for later price adjustments and price increases - ask first for current price esis for the phil. This present work is closely associated to Fagerlie's: "Late Roman and Byzantine Solidi found in Sweden and Denmark" (1967). Including Nordic gold-bracteates and Danish Runic coinage . 812) Mansfeld-Bllner, H.: Vort Aarhundredes militaire Ordener og Hderstegn. Mansfeld-Bllners militaire Ordens- og Medalje-Cabinet i Kjbenhavn, Kbenhavn 1889, XXIV+74 pp.annorum spatio collectus, secundum seriem temporum dispositus, atqve e tenebris cum commentatione in apricum prolatus. Thousands and thousands of English, German, Kufique etc. English text +Deutsch foreword DEM 100 Funden aus Dnemark. Still used as reference-catalogue today for European medieval coins. Also supplementary informations concerning the finds from Nesb and Sletheid. Articles by 34 scholars, among others JRGEN STEEN JENSEN: Hermann Dannenberg und Christian Jrgensen Thomsen; METCALF: The currency of the kingdom of East Anglia in the first half of the eighth century; BENDIXEN: Nye danske fund af merovingiske, karolingiske og ldre danske mnter; SKAARE: Der Schatzfund von Hon und seine Mnzen; MALMER: Zwei Stempelketten skandinavischer Long-Cross-Nachahmungen; TALVIO: Angelschsischer Einfluss auf norddeutschen Mnzen des spten 10. Jahrhunderts; ILISCH: Die Dortmunder Mnzprgung um 1014; BERGHAUS: Der Mnzfund von Pronstorf, Kr. Et par medaljeforslag fra 1858; MICHAEL FORNITZ: "Bitegn" i den sene vikingetid metode og signifikans; FINN GRANDT-NIELSEN: En gde lst ?

Some titles represent either an offprint or a non-numismatic publication including 1 num. historical magazines or yearbooks from historic societies). 815) Nemirowitsch-Dantschenko, Michael & Franziskus Prn: Die Mnzen von sel-Wiek. Forgery of dennings; corrections to Melnikova NN 1989/90. This volume further includes other important numismatic articles by other scholars.

Photos used are in most cases NOT of the exact same specimen as offered for sale. Zur Mnzprgung in Hapsal und Arensburg unter dnischer Herrschaft whrend des Krieges um Livland und des Nordischen Siebenjhrigen Krieges, pp 162-255 in NN 1994/96, Copenhagen 2000, 279 pp ill., bound. DEM 75 The fascinating story is told about world famous mega American collector Virgil Michael Brand (1862-1926), Chicago, and the dispersals of the collections during the next 70-80 years past his death and all the facts and myths.


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