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The Apple servers were very busy on Wednesday when the update was released.

We see forum comments with these i OS 9 update problems: Reset Network Settings.

Last year, there were major problems with the i OS 8 update and in-car Bluetooth connections with infotainment systems that persisted with each update.

The questions remains, “When should i Phone owners update to i OS 9?

” There are few reasons to wait, busy servers can cause glitches in the software update.

Although there are millions of i Phone owners and there has been months of beta testing of i OS 9, you’ll have to decide for yourself if the update is worth the risks of losing functionality.

So far, there have been fewer Bluetooth connection problems reported with i OS 9 then there were with i OS 8, last year.

We suggest that you update to i OS 9 during a time when you do not need your i Phone to work and you are not planning to use Bluetooth in your car/vehicle.

A good reason to upgrade is there is a security update that stops a vulnerability that allows someone to install malicious apps on i Phones and Macs via the Bluetooth-enabled Airdrop filesharing feature.


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